Revolution Season 3

Revolution Season 3

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Revolution Season 3 is not yet available. NBC has confirmed that there’s gonna be a season 2 but there’s no news if they are going to renew Revolution for a season 3.

Revolution Season 3

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31 thoughts on “Revolution Season 3

  1. Michelle Sunday

    You m*$#@r f%!@$*s you better bring revolution back for a 3rd 4th 5th and so on untill the story is done I will never watch another one of your programs again if you dont a$* h$$&@.

    1. Lane Lasmus

      Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. You must really like this show Michelle. I censored out the profanity, kids view this site too!

  2. Kristi Pulliam

    We need a Season 3!! I am suddenly seeing the show on SyFy, so either they have picked up the series or there is no season # coming. What a terrible let down if that is so!!

  3. Teresa

    I don’t watch that many shows but I really like Revolution! When is season 3 coming back on? I will be so upset if it if left unfinished and with Miles dead. Please let me know!

  4. Ed Bell

    I love revolution. I have missed only one episode. Please don’t let it die or go to a cable channel. I don’t rent cable or satellite.

  5. Tom Stark

    Please say there is a season three. They left it hanging with the end of season two with erin. Come on there has to be a season 3,4,5 because the story isn’t done yet.

  6. Michelle

    There should definitely be a season 3 where Jason gets saved by the nanos. He can’t just die him and Charlie belong together. And there is no resolution to the story it can’t end like that.

  7. katie kennington

    I also will blow a gasket if Revolution is cancelled…it it very easily my favorite show…I mean EVER! Please don’t judge any show by rating viewers on cable, I only realized it was on NBC very recently, I have DVRed a few new episodes, but mostly watch on Netflix…please use internet and Netflix to judge whether or not to cancel…then PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL! The actors are phenomenal, and if it goes on for a few more seasons, im sure that the kinks in the storyline can be ironed out…nothin but love Revolution! 😉

  8. Earl

    Good show … It’s one of few I watch on a regular basis. It’s a little out there but – I’m looking for season 3. Bring it back.

  9. jason henley

    Better bring back revolution on nbc for season 3 for the fall of 2014 and I love the show alot and it’s my favorite show and so please let revolution stay on nbc!

  10. Michael Gibson

    I’m sick of watching shows just for them to be cancelled! Love revolution and past 2 years enjoyed doing so. Please bring season 3 🙂

  11. Dawn Stuart

    I just finished watching season 2 of Revolution on Hulu Plus. It ended making you want more. It was great and the possibilities of season 3 are endless. Please don’t cancel the show. I heard that it was not coming back. This is a series that gets better has it goes on.

  12. the gooch hat master

    i want to first by saying the first comment is hilarious and so is the reply lol I bet you didn’t think they would notice. anyhow is this site even have any connections to NBC? meaning if i comment would it help NBC to keep the show going?

    1. Lane Lasmus

      We don’t have any association with any tv studios or movie studios; however, this is a very popular website. I’m sure the studios cruise the internet to figure out which shows are popular and will make them the most $$$.

      The more they see a show being requested the more likely it is they’ll keep it going.

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