Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Here are some information and a brief episode guide of five television series that caught the attention of television viewers not only in the United States but all over the world.

Psych – Psych is a story of an amateur detective that is hired by the law enforcement after he tricked them into thinking that he has psychic capabilities which would help them solve crimes. With the help of his reluctant best friend the two of them takes on the adventurous path of complex cases.

Revolution – Revolution is a TV series that takes place in a post apocalyptic dystopian future. A team of revolutionaries tries to battle a ruling dictatorial militia 15 years after a sudden worldwide shut down of all kinds of electronic devices called the Blackout.

Fringe – Fringe is a television drama series focused on Olivia Dunham. A female FBI agent who is pushed to team-up together with a formerly institutionalized scientist to be able to figure out the truth behind weird crimes and unexplained phenomena that seems to be a part of a much bigger plan.

Lie To Me – Lie To Me focuses on Dr. Cal Lightman. He is a teacher in behavioral sciences and is really good at reading body language and at the same time he makes a lof ot money for exploiting it. He’s hired by numerous public authorities in several cases, and does thing that authorities can’t do.

Mad Men – Mad Men is a TV series regarding one of New York’s most famous ad agencies at the start of the 1960s, centered on Donald Draper. One of the company’s most mysterious but very skilled ad executives.



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